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February 2, 2019- Winter Trail- Lake Chicot

The Mississippi River Anglers Association conducted its fifth 2018/19 Winter Trail Tournament Saturday February 2nd on Lake Chicot with 15 boats fishing in the tournament on a beautiful spring like day. Unfortunately I feel, most of the bass didn’t realize what a beautiful day it was and continued to stay hid from us for the better part of the day! Fishing on Lake Chicot Saturday was again slow with only two limits being caught and five zero’s recorded, but hay we could’ve  been working, right! 

Last Saturday on Lake Chicot, first place went to a team from Arkansas, who also won the last tournament here, Steve Tullos and David Streeter, their 5 bass limit, which include two bass caught after 2:50, weighed in at a nice 17.08 lbs., second place went to the father and son team from Clarksdale,  Glen Brooks and Matt Brooks, their 5 bass limit weighed in at 15.85 lbs., third place went to a team from Brandon, Bart Ballard and Justin Thomas, their 4 bass weighed in at 14.70 lbs., coming in 4th place was a team also from Brandon, Chris Coy and Rudy Vanderford, Chris’s brother Andy substituted for Rudy and their 3 bass weighed in at 11.77, which included the tournament lunker of 6.55 lb.  Congratulations to all the money winners, y’all earned it for sure.

MRAA 2018/19 Winter Trail Results Lake Chicot II 2/2/2019:

PlaceAngler 1Angler 2 # FishPoundsWinnings
1Steve Tullos David Streeter 517.08$775.00
2Glen BrooksMatt Brooks 515.85$385.00
3Bart BallardJustin Thomas 414.70$230.00
4Chris CoyRudy Vanderford 311.77$410.00*
5Jene Jones Taff Hitt 211.69
6Billy HopkinsTaylor Flemming 26.81
7Ryan Cummins 13.99
8Reid StewartBrad Hayes 13.04
9Tim McDanielTerry Bates 13.02
10Mac HutsonTaylor Hutson 12.45
11Joey BeeversBobby Burton 0
11Kenny VanderfordGrant Allen 0
11Todd LottJim Goodman 0
11Tad KellerMichel Hayes 0
11Daniel ClarkThad Shelby 0
Charles HughesDavid Huggins 
Jason Lunceford Andy Graves 
Mike AinsworthJosh Goodman 
Newton FordJonathan Kent 
Patrick ChapmanRusty Linaras 
Josh McGeeKyle Wester 
Marty Crain 
Matthew BatesBrandon Williams 
Eddi Gibson 
Scott MitchellJay Mitchell 
Gordon WatkinsJohn Hadad III 
John PolasiniReeves Polasini 
Jay PicklePat Pickle 
Lawson Davis Matt Battman 
Randy Bolden Jr. 
Ryan Grey Michel Coomes 
Johnathan SultonColby Sulton 
Pete ChristianJay Smith 


Our sixth and final 2018/19  MRAA Winter Trail Tournament is supposed to be at Eagle Lake instead of Lake Washington on March 2nd. This a reschedule of our first tournament that was supposed to have been at Eagle back in October, but was moved due to a fish kill. Now with that being said, the Mississippi River is in the process of rising to several feet above flood stage in Greenville before the end of the month, even though the river forecast is not showing it yet. Today’s predictions is for the crest to be between 55-56 feet on the Greenville gauge, that is seven to eight feet above flood stage on the Greenville gauge, and it may go higher than that. Vicksburg will get the same water that Greenville’s getting, so this may make it impossible to get to Eagle Lake. Right now the plan is still to fish Eagle Lake, however if the river go over Hwy 465 leading to Eagle Lake,  we’ll have no choice but to move the tournament back to Lake Washington. NOW WITH THAT BEING SAID, we’re all just going to have to wait a couple of weeks to see how all this plays out, but it’s not looking good for Eagle right now.

Fishermen please remember to support our sponsors below, without their help our trail would not be what it is, so again, please support them when you can.

MRAA 2018/19 Winter Trail Point Standing after five tournaments:

PlaceAngler 1Angler 2  Points
1Steve Tullos David Streeter547.75
2Tim McDanielTerry Bates532.00
3Joey BeeversBobby Burton528.40
4Chris CoyRudy Vanderford505.80
5Todd LottJim Goodman443.70
6Kenny VanderfordGrant Allen429.39
7Bart BallardJustin Thomas399.34
8Newton FordJonathan Kent397.74
9Jason Lunceford Andy Graves389.59
10Mike AinsworthJosh Goodman380.54
11Jene Jones Taff Hitt367.90
12Mac HutsonTaylor Hutson347.10
13Glen BrooksMatt Brooks320.40
14Josh McGeeKyle Wester272.51
15Marty Crain236.30
16Reid StewartBrad Hayes202.52
17Charles HughesDavid Huggins188.67
18Matthew BatesBrandon Williams187.31
19Tad KellerMichel Hayes182.74
20Daniel ClarkThad Shelby163.45
21Gordon WatkinsJohn Hadad III115.40
22Patrick ChapmanRusty Linaras114.88
23John PolasiniReeves Polasini109.79
24Scott MitchellJay Mitchell107.85
25Jay PicklePat Pickle103.13
26Billy HopkinsTaylor Flemming101.81
27Lawson Davis Matt Battman100.90
28Randy Bolden Jr.99.77
29Ryan Cummins97.99
30Ryan Grey Michel Coomes96.82
31Johnathan SultonColby Sulton95.39
32Eddi Gibson80.00
33Pete ChristianJay Smith73.93