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2018- 2019 Championship Results

Sorry it been a week and I haven’t had time to get the Championship results out till today. I hope everyone had a good time and enjoyed the 2019 Championship. I think from the cooking on Thursday night till the donkey kicking some of got on Saturday afternoon everything went pretty well, except for the fishing for most of us. Last year on the week of the Championship the Mississippi River was about 5 feet above flood stage this year it was 8 feet above flood stage, not good!  Lake Ferguson was closed to fishing and Lake Chicot had just reopened to fishing the week before the Championship due to high water.  So we again had to move the Championship to Lake Washington which was the only lake open when I announced the location of it.  We had 32 boats that started fishing in the MRAA Championship on Friday, but after only three five bass limits were weighed in and fifteen zeros, several didn’t return on Saturday.  However the three limits that were weight in on Friday were good ones, 21.86 lbs., 20.41 lbs. and 15.38 lbs., some teams did prevail however, as always!  

1Daniel Clark / Thad Shelby5        5 D1   6.59  21.8615.6237.48$5,500.00 
2Charlie Jennings / Pete Cora5         2    20.416.2926.70$2,500.00 
3Andy Graves / Jason Lunceford5         2    15.388.4923.87$2,000.00 
4Steve Tullos / David Streeter1         5    2.8018.4121.21$1,500.00 
5Charles Hughes / Mike Jordan4         1    12.875.0717.94$600.00 
6David Sykes / Bobby Ingram2         2    10.344.9715.31$300.00 
7Scott Mitchell / Jay Mitchell2         3 D2     5.28  5.517.2612.77$775.00 
8Joey Beevers / Bobby Burton2         2    6.625.211.82$250.00 
9Bradley Hayes / Reid Stuart1         3    2.129.3111.43$225.00 
10Kenny Vanderford / Grant Allen1         3    2.738.0810.81$225.00 
11Chris Coy / Rudy Vanderford2         1    4.473.618.08$200.00 
12Lawson Davis / Matt Batman1         3    2.504.787.28$200.00 
13Gene Jones / Taff Hitt1         1$200.00 
14Allen Powell / Jackie Robinson1         1    2.433.15.53$200.00 
15Austin Jones / Terry Bates2         0$200.00 
16Phillip Wasson / Charles Signa0         1  
17Clifton Ray / Parker Frew0         1    0.002.892.89  
18Joey Tatum / Ronnie Ray0         1    0.002.512.51  
19Eddie Gibson / Quentel Gibson0         1    02.282.28  
20Jerry Wayne McClendon / Robby Hughes1          0    1.630.001.63  
21Todd Lott / Jim Goodman0         0  
21John Polasini / Reeves Polasini0          0  
21Keith Kendall / Brian Kendall0         0  
21Kenny Amos / Kendall Amos0         0  
21Matt Mullins / Hunter Chirstmas0         0  
21Newton Ford / Jonathan Kent0          0  
21Chris Williams / Buddy Tutor0         0  
21Tad Keller / Michael Hayes0         0  
21Mac Hudson / Taylor Hudson0         0  
21David Reed / Jack Reed0         0  
21Randy Bolden Jr. / Jeff Lindsey0         0 

In this year’s 2019 MRAA Championship, first place went to a team from Arkansas, who were the only team to weight in a 5 bass limit both days of the tournament, Daniel Clark and Thad Shelby, their two 5 bass limits weighed in at 37.48 lbs., WOW, coming in second place was the team from Greenville, Charlie Jennings and Pete Cora their two day total weighed in at 26.70 lbs.,  third place went to a team from Clarksdale, Jason Lunceford and Andy Graves,  their two day total weight was 23.87 lbs., coming in fourth place was another team from Arkansas, Steve Tullos and David Streeter, however Patrick Chapman was subbing for David, and their two day total weight was 21.21 lbs., which included the largest limit weight in on Saturday of 18.41lbs. Big bass (lunker) the first day went to the team that won this event, Daniel Clark and Thad Shelby, their big fish weighed 6.59 lbs., and the second day big bass went to the father and son team from Greenwood, Scott Mitchell and Jay Mitchell, their big bass weighed in at 5.28 lbs.  Total payout for the 2019 Mississippi River Anglers Association Championship ended up being $14,875.00 in both cash and prizes.  Congratulation to the top 15 finishers, and better luck next year the other teams.

Again I’d like to thank everyone for fishing the Mississippi River Anglers Association, and to all our great sponsors who support the MRAA. I’m looking forward to the 2019 Summer Trail Season, which by the way starts in two weeks on April 20th, and I hope it will be on Lake Ferguson, I hope to see you there.