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August 25, 2018- Lake Chicot Tournament

The Mississippi River Anglers Association conducted its sixth and final 2018 Summer Trail Tournament last Saturday August 25th at Lake Chicot with 31 boats fishing in the tournament.  After the 6 plus inches of rain that fell the week before on Sunday and Monday, the lake had come up about 2 feet, but the water stayed clear and the lake was on a slow fall at tournament time.  We were also dealing with a full moon on Saturday, this event always plays a role in the outcome.  Out of the 31 boats fishing in the tournament Saturday, only 10  four bass limits we’re brought to the scale, the lowest number of limits we’d had brought in for the hole year. This indicated it was a tuff day fishing for most of us, but as always, somebody caught a good bag.

Saturday on Lake Chicot , first place went to a local team fishing there first tournament with us, Ronnie Atkins and William Harper, their 4 bass limit weighed in at a nice 15.64 lbs., coming in second place was a team from Greenville, Charlie Jennings and Pete Cora, their 4 bass limit weighed in at 13.85 lbs., and with this top finish Charlie and Pete won the Angler of the Year race, congratulations, third place went to a team from Grenada, Tim McDaniel and Logan McDaniel, however Johnathan Sulton  substituted for Logan and their 4 bass limits weighed in at 13.62 lbs., coming in fourth place was a team from Jackson, Chris Coy and Rudy Vanderford, their 4 bass limit went 12.42 lbs., coming in fifth place was another local team fishing there first tournament with us, Jimmy Farrar and Grady Rinehart, there 4 bass limit weighed in at 11.07lbs., coming in sixth place was a team form Moorhead and Greenville, Austin Jones and myself, our 4 bass limit weighed in at 10.90 lbs. and coming in seventh place and getting the last check was another local team fishing there first tournament with us, Steve Crain and Don Holeman, they had 3 bass that weighed 10.56lbs, including the tournament lunker of 5.24lbs.   Congratulation to all the money winners, great job by everyone.

MRAA 2018 Summer Trail Results Lake Chicot 8/25/2018:

PlaceAngler 1Angler 2 # FishPoundsWinnings  
1Ronnie AtkinsWilliam Harper 415.64$1,350.00  
2Charlie JenningsPete Cora 413.85$675.00  
3Tim McDanielLogan McDaniel 413.62$400.00  
4Chris CoyRudy Vanderford 412.42$325.00  
5Jimmy FarrarGrady Rinehart 411.07$240.00  
6Austin JonesTerry Bates 410.90$160.00  
7Steve CrainDon Holeman 310.56$640.00*   
8Scott MitchellJay Mitchell 410.17  
9John PolasiniReeves Polasini 49.64  
10Jerry Wayne McLendonRobby Hughes 39.61  
11Randy Bolden Jr.Jeff Lindsey 49.55  
12Chris WilliamsBuddy Tutor 48.65  
13Steve TullosDavid Skeeter 36.56  
14David SykesBobby Ingram 36.33  
15Charles HughesMike Jordan 36.21  
16Reid StewartBrad Hayes 35.80  
17Joey BeeversBobby Burton 35.70  
18Andy GravesJason Lunceford 24.83  
19Eddie GibsonQuentel Gibson 24.59  
20Clifton RayParker Frew 24.47  
21Lawson DavisMatt Bateman 23.86  
22Newton FordJohnathan Kent 13.69  
23Kenny AmosKendal Amos 12.51  
24Allen PowellJackie Robinson 0  
24Daniel ClarkThad Shelby 0  
24David ReedJake Reed 0  
24Tad KellerMichael Hayes 0  
24Keith KendallBrian Kendall 0  
24Billy HopkinsTaylor Flemming 0  
24Wilbert JacksonAmy Jackson 0  
24Calvin LusbyJoe Rainwater 0 
William JonesMichael Buvid  
Matt BellipanniColby Howard  
Matt MullinsHunter Christmas  
Joey TatumRonnie Ray  
Brad ThreetDarren Rone  
Jimmy BrumfieldKeith Brumfield  
Anthony WilsonElijah Allen  
Matthew BatesBrandon Williams  
Phillip WassonCharles Signa  
Gene JonesTaff Hitt  
Jay PicklePat Pickle  
Chance MeredithCarson Meredith  
Terry McWilliamsJustin Thomas  
Johnathan SultonColby Sulton  
John KingKevin King  
Glen Brooks  
Alen BagbyTac Caruthers  
Mike AinsworthJosh Goodman  
Todd LottJim Goodman  


The MRAA another successful Summer Trail season in 2018 averaging 31 boats per tournament for the year.  And as I stated above, since this was the last MRAA 2018 Summer Trail Tournament for 2018,  the AOY race was decide. Going into Saturday Tournament there were three teams that had a chance to win the AYO title.  Chris Williams and Buddy Tutor were leading by 3 points over Joey Beevers and Bobby Burton and 4 points over Charlie Jennings and Pete Corn. In the end Charlie and Pete managed to catch a good limit on Saturday and come from behind to win their third MRAA Summer Trail AYO title, fantastic job guys!  Along with winning the title, Charlie and Pete will have all their 2019 MRAA Summer Trail Tournament paid for. On the points standing listed below are the teams that have already qualified for the 2019 Championship in red, everyone else need to see what you need to fish in the winter trial to make next springs championship.

The first 2018-19 MRAA Winter Trail Tournament will be at Eagle Lake on October 6th, launching form the public ramp.  Everyone that paid a membership fee for the Summer Trail, that membership fee will still be good for the upcoming Winter Trail season.

I would like to thank all you fishermen and sponsors for supporting the Mississippi River Angler Association in 2018. Fishermen remember without the help from these sponsors below, our trail would not be what it is, so please support them too.

MRAA 2018 Summer Trail Final Points Standings after 6 tournaments:

PlaceAngler 1Angler 2Points# Fished
1Charlie JenningsPete Cora637.89Qualied for 2019 Championship
2Chris WilliamsBuddy Tutor627.60Qualied for 2019 Championship
3Tim McDanielLogan McDaniel620.56Qualied for 2019 Championship
4Joey BeeversBobby Burton616.36Qualied for 2019 Championship
5Charles HughesMike Jordan595.73Qualied for 2019 Championship
6David ReedJake Reed590.68Qualied for 2019 Championship
7Allen PowellJackie Robinson590.14Qualied for 2019 Championship
8Jerry Wayne McLendonRobby Hughes580.54Qualied for 2019 Championship
9David SykesBobby Ingram580.25Qualied for 2019 Championship
10Randy Bolden Jr.Jeff Lindsey577.54Qualied for 2019 Championship
11Clifton RayParker Frew562.14Qualied for 2019 Championship
12Lawson DavisMatt Bateman559.82Qualied for 2019 Championship
13Newton FordJohnathan Kent558.12Qualied for 2019 Championship
14Austin JonesTerry Bates534.93Qualied for 2019 Championship
15John PolasiniReeves Polasini531.15Qualied for 2019 Championship
16Keith KendallBrian Kendall530.40Qualied for 2019 Championship
17Kenny AmosKendal Amos494.70Qualied for 2019 Championship
18Reid StewartBrad Hayes477.37Qualied for 2019 Championship
19Matt MullinsHunter Christmas472.58Qualied for 2019 Championship
20Andy GravesJason Lunceford469.62Qualied for 2019 Championship
21Steve TullosDavid Skeeter459.42Qualied for 2019 Championship
22Phillip WassonCharles Signa435.33Qualied for 2019 Championship
23Joey TatumRonnie Ray430.46Qualied for 2019 Championship
24William JonesMichael Buvid427.79four tournaments(need 2 winter trails)
25Tad KellerMichael Hayes416.44five tournament(need 1 winter trail)
26Scott MitchellJay Mitchell405.98four tournaments(need 2 winter trails)
27Chris CoyRudy Vanderford396.48four tournaments(need 2 winter trails)
28Matthew BatesBrandon Williams387.73four tournaments(need 2 winter trails)
30Billy HopkinsTaylor Flemming385.05four tournaments(need 2 winter trails)
29Eddie GibsonQuentel Gibson370.93four tournaments(need 2 winter trails)
31Chance MeredithCarson Meredith289.59four tournaments(need 2 winter trails)
32Daniel ClarkThad Shelby260.70three tournaments(need 3 winter trails)
34Brad ThreetDarren Rone212.87two tournaments(need 4 winte trails)
35Jay PicklePat Pickle188.13two tournaments(need 4 winte trails)
33Gene JonesTaff Hitt168.53two tournaments(need 4 winte trails)
36John KingKevin King107.20one tournament(need 5 winter trails)
37Matt BellipanniColby Howard106.08one tournament(need 5 winter trails)
38Glen Brooks89.00one tournament(need 5 winter trails)
39Mike AinsworthJosh Goodman84.09one tournament(need 5 winter trails)
40Terry McWilliamsJustin Thomas80.86one tournament(need 5 winter trails)
41Alen BagbyTac Caruthers79.97one tournament(need 5 winter trails)
42Todd LottJim Goodman78.78one tournament(need 5 winter trails)
43Jimmy BrumfieldKeith Brumfield77.50one tournament(need 5 winter trails)
44Anthony WilsonElijah Allen76.28one tournament(need 5 winter trails)
45Johnathan SultonColby Sulton70.00one tournament(need 5 winter trails)
46Ronnie AtkinsWilliam Harper0.00
47Jimmy FarrarGrady Rinehart0.00
48Steve CrainDon Holeman0.00
49Wilbert JacksonAmy Jackson0.00
50Calvin LusbyJoe Rainwater0.00