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November 10, 2018- Winter Trail- Lake Ferguson

The Mississippi River Anglers Association conducted its second 2018/19 Winter Trail Tournament last Saturday November 10th, at Lake Ferguson with 15 boats fishing in the tournament on this very challenging day.  With high water and cold high norths winds, it was a tuff day for all of us. The Mississippi River was near 40’ Saturday on the Greenville gage, which is the highest I’ve ever seen it this time or year, and the weather, well it was just as bad, with 20 mph winds most of the day and the  temperature’s that never got out of the low 40’s! However, the weather could have been worse, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday were all bad weather days in Greenville! Monday, it rained all day, Tuesday was cloudy and it never got over 37, and Wednesday it snow all morning and the temperature never got above 35! Wow, wow and wow! Luckily, we missed all of that and on Thursday the sun came out and it was a beautiful day plus it started warming up some, so let’s hope this warming trend stays around for a while!

    MRAA 2018/19 Winter Trail Results Lake Ferguson 11/10/2018:

Place      Angler 1Angler 2 # FishPoundsWinningsPoints 
1Mike AinsworthJosh Goodman 513.62$775.00113.62 
2Tim McDanielTerry Bates 512.36$385.00111.36 
3Jason Lunceford Andy Graves 510.93$530.00108.93* 
4Scott MitchellJay Mitchell 510.85$150.00107.85 
5Joey BeeversBobby Burton 510.48106.48 
6Newton FordJonathan Kent 24.9999.99 
7Steve Tullos David Streeter 24.1998.19 
8Josh McGeeKyle Wester 13.1196.11 
9Jene Jones Taff Hitt 12.9294.92 
10Bart BallardJustin Thomas 11.3792.37 
11Chris CoyRudy Vanderford 082.37 
11Todd LottJim Goodman 082.37 
11Mac HutsonTaylor Hutson 082.37 
11Kenny VanderfordGrant Allen 082.37 
11Marty Crain 082.37 
Gordon WatkinsJohn Hadad III  
John PolasiniReeves Polasini  
Matthew BatesTerry Bates  
Jay PicklePat Pickle  
Lawson Davis Matt Battman  
Randy Bolden Jr.  
Ryan Grey Michel Coomes  
Johnathan SultonColby Sulton  
Pete ChristianJay Smith  

Ok, last Saturday on Lake Ferguson, first place went to two young men, one from Mendenhall, Josh Goodman and the other from Pelahatchie, Steve Wiggington who was substituting for Mike Ainsworth, their 5 bass limit weighed in at 13.62 lbs., coming in second place was a team with one person from Grenada, Tim McDaniel, and one person from Greenville, me, our 5 bass limit weighed in at 12.36 lbs., coming in third place was a team from Clarksdale Jason Lunceford and Andy Graves,  their 5 bass limit weighed in at 10.93 lbs. which included the tournament lunker of 4.53 lb., coming in fourth place and getting the last check,  was the father and son team from Greenwood, Scott Mitchell and Jay Mitchell, their 5 bass limit weighed  10.85 lbs.   Congratulations to all the money winners, great job by everyone on a cold miserable day.

The third 2018-19 MRAA Winter Trail Tournament will be at Lake Chicot on December 1st,  launching from the Connelly Bayou.

MRAA 2018/19 Winter Trail Point Standing after two tournaments:

After #2
PlaceAngler 1Angler 2Points
1Tim McDanielTerry Bates222.91
2Joey BeeversBobby Burton214.88
3Mike AinsworthJosh Goodman203.19
4Steve Tullos David Streeter202.93
5Newton FordJonathan Kent198.32
6Chris CoyRudy Vanderford194.96
7Jason Lunceford Andy Graves194.09
8Bart BallardJustin Thomas185.39
9Josh McGeeKyle Wester183.40
10Jene Jones Taff Hitt168.85
11Todd LottJim Goodman168.56
12Mac HutsonTaylor Hutson166.30
13Kenny VanderfordGrant Allen156.30
14Marty Crain156.30
15Gordon WatkinsJohn Hadad III115.40
16John PolasiniReeves Polasini109.79
17Scott MitchellJay Mitchell107.85
18Matthew BatesTerry Bates107.31
19Jay PicklePat Pickle103.13
20Lawson Davis Matt Battman100.90
21Randy Bolden Jr.99.77
22Ryan Grey Michel Coomes96.82
23Johnathan SultonColby Sulton95.39
24Pete ChristianJay Smith73.93